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e trillion dollars of manufactured goods, supporting more than one in five manufacturing jobs jobs that pay about 15 percent more than average." He also stressed boosting the trad

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d" to address social inequalities such as poverty and hunger in areas with levels of poverty higher than the Colombian national average, Sandino said. "The fund will be allocated

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om there to Bogota. We made a very quick medical checkup after the release to verify if he was able to travel, and he was indeed," Raich told local media. The ex-marine was deliver

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rime Minister Albert Camille Vital on Thursday warned no mercy against demonstrations as the transitional leader had promised not to take part in the upcoming elections. Vital tol

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o his country and to the development of all peoples of Latin America, " she said, "We acknowledge Chavez as a great leader, an irreparable loss and, above all things, a friend of

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eleased in Havana. The announcement was made a day after the two rebel groups said their leaders had met to discuss ways of ending armed conflict in Colombia. Pablo Catatumbo, a me

唔小东西你里面真紧 -珍珠白喷漆必须到4s

ple were killed and three more remained in critical condition after a car crash happened just after 4 a.m. local time Sunday on westbound I-196 in West Michigan of the United Stat