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ructure. The Senate is set to take up Obama's job bill next week after adding to the bill a tax increase on million-dollar earners. Obama said he would support the new approach by


r future aggression," the White House said. The South Korean government said Monday it will hold military drills aimed at deterring what it calls further aggression by the Democra.


t the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The West has long been accusing Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons under the disguise of civilian programs, a charge firml.


st Vice President Mohamed- Reza Rahimi began on Friday an official visit to Ecuador aimed at boosting the relations between both countries and signing trade agreements. According .


ned quite soft. Many households still find it difficult to obtain mortgage credit. She stressed that although the unemployment rate has dropped markedly during the economic recover.

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cuts only for individuals making less than 200,000 dollars and married couples making less than 250,000 dollars annually. However, Republicans want to extend the tax cuts for ever.

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an homes across the Northeast, left for Moscow after pleading guilty in a New York federal court Thursday. "Today's criminal convictions of 10 Russian agents in Manhattan federal.

looking increasingly optimistic. As it currently stands, Obama would now defeat Romney in a general election by 9 percentage points, the ABC News/Washington Post poll showing Obama.

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